Spotter Communication Checklist

Name: ____________________________

Pronouns: _________________________

In case of emergency, contact (name and phone number): _____________________________


My cutting tool(s) are:

  • EMT (rescue) shears

  • Rescue hook

  • Other: __________________

Please let me know if you are unfamiliar with this type of cutting tool, and I’ll show you how mine works!

My cutting tool(s) are located: __________________________

My carabiners are:

  • Nonlocking

  • Locking with a screw gate

  • Locking with a spring-back gate

  • Other: __________________________

Please let me know if you are unfamiliar with this type of carabiner, and I’ll show you how mine works!

Social Interaction

Once I start tying, I would prefer that you:

  • Feel free to chat and socialize with me

  • Refrain from social conversation and talk to me only if there is a serious concern

  • Other: ____________________________________________________

Physical Contact

While I’m self-tying:

  • You’re welcome to come join my self-bondage session and touch or play with me in the following ways/places: ____________________________________________________

  • Please do not physically touch me at any point during the session, unless I specifically ask for help or there is a clear emergency (fainting, fall, seizure, etc)

  • Other: ____________________________________________________


I prefer that you:

  • Observe the bondage and my body language carefully and intently, so that I feel safe and confident knowing you’re alert to any signs of trouble

  • Casually observe me and be available in case I ask for help, but feel free to read, write, play games on your cell phone, and so on

  • Other: ________________________________________________________

You will know my play and aftercare are completed and we can go back to “social mode” when I:

  • Specifically tell you that I’m done

  • Start wrapping up my rope and putting my toybag back together

  • Other: ________________________________________________________


While I self-tie:

  • I prefer that you not try to help me in any way unless I specifically ask for help or clearly have an emergency (fainting, seizure, throwing up, and so on)

  • It would be great if you would proactively offer any help you think I might need, such as bringing me a bottle of water if I seem thirsty, handing me a piece of rope that ended up just out of my reach, and so on

  • Other: ________________________________________________________


  • If you have advice or suggestions to improve my self-tying, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts at any time while I’m self-tying

  • Please save any suggestions until after my scene and aftercare are completed

  • I’m not looking for any advice or instruction on my self-tying; please do not give me suggestions or feedback

  • Other: ________________________________________________________

My Self-Suspension Style

During this session, I anticipate I will:

  • Be almost constantly moving and adjusting dynamically

  • Find a position I like, then relax into the bondage and float

  • Other: ________________________________________________________

I’d also like you to know: ________________________________________________________

I appreciate your spotting for me! What can I do for you in return?