Events & Classes

This web site is intended to supplement, never replace, in-person instruction and mentoring. So, how and where can you get in-person instruction? Below is a list of some fantastic resources and events! 



This bondage-focused hotel convention is held several times a year; locations include Austin, New Orleans, and Chicago. Every event features multiple self-suspension and self-bondage classes, as well as tons of other great content. ROPECRAFT is a convention where the beginner and the artist can share space that isn’t focused on a particular flavor of rope bondage, or a specific role, or a specific product. ROPECRAFT has a wide spectrum of techniques, intentions, and skill levels. You’ll find internationally renowned performers and bedroom players and Western fusion and Kinbaku.

Bondage Expo (DAllas and Denver)

This bondage-focused hotel convention is held twice a year, one event in Dallas and one in Denver. Their events always feature self-bondage classes, as well as many other topics from presenters all over the world. Every event has an amazing collection of highly talented and skilled Presenters, Rope Enthusiasts, and Vendors to offer you the tools to take your bondage skills to the next level. Learn, share, collaborate. Talk directly with speakers, practitioners and vendors to learn about everything from the history of Kinbaku and rope bondage to the newest toys and techniques on the market. Immerse yourself in a playful party atmosphere where you can try out and practice the techniques you learned earlier in the day.


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Dark Odyssey

Dark Odyssey events are broadly focused (not bondge-specific) and are held four times a year. There are two hotel conventions – Winter Fire, held every February in Washington DC, and Surrender, held every November in San Francisco. There are also two camping events, held at an awesome outdoor retreat in Maryland – Fusion, held every June, and Summer Camp, held every August/September (Labor Day weekend). These events generally have a self-bondage class or two, as well as a selection of other bondage classes, in the context of a broad class schedule that includes BDSM skills, spirituality, relationships/poly, and much more.

Dark Odyssey creates an environment where you can explore the many facets of sexuality in a private, intimate community of like-minded people. A wholly unique immersive experience which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental, diverse environment where fantasy becomes reality.

Self-Suspension Open Space (and other Bay Area events)

Every few months in San Francisco we hold an Open Space, which draws up to 30 local self-suspenders to share skills, spot for each other, and just generally hang out. We also have a once-a-month munch at Wicked Grounds (a kinky coffee shop), special events and classes, and lots more! There is a quite exhaustive Bay Area events calendar on Erobay – check that out, and you'll know pretty much everything that's going on! You can keep up on all our SF self-suspension shenanigans by joining our mailing list or checking out the FetLife group.

Abbystract performing at Twisted Windows, photo by The Silence

Abbystract performing at Twisted Windows, photo by The Silence

Twisted Windows (Bondage performance event)

Twisted Windows combines a scintillatingly sensual show with a participatory play event, all at a stunning & spacious SF venue! Performances embrace more traditional manifestations of BDSM showmanship (with a focus on bondage & suspension, especially self-suspension), while also celebrating other artistic expressions of kink and sexuality.


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